Horizontal ridge augmentation in narrow ridge

Surgical approach
1. Drill sequence: Alternative usage of spreader drill, final drill and osteotome was more effective to save remaining narrow residual bone.
For this purpose, speed of final drill and spreader drill should be reduced until 50 rpm.

2. Bone chisel is another choice to make narrow ridge wider, especially in soft bone type.

3. Grafting technique: It will be got better result to make new bone when the layer to layer grafting technique has been applied due to its higher bone formation activity.

4. Generally, layer to layer technique can be done with autogenous graft + alloplastic graft, this video shown to us 2 different type of alloplastic graft material, OSTEON™ ll (particulated bone graft material) and OSTEON™ ll Collagen (hybrid type, easy to manage).